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Taking Stock of 2021

My year-end was a rush to complete tasks before the calendar year-end. Some years are like that. Now, I need to take some time to reflect on the business.

Some business owners start reflecting as the fourth quarter starts. Others, like me, do that at the beginning of the first quarter.

You can review the finances with both your CPA and your financial planner. There are still some tax-saving strategies that can be employed in January for the previous year.

You can check with an HR consultant on new benefits or workplace policies that can help you retain employees. I just listened to an intriguing story on NPR about how one company talked to each individual employee about what it would take to make them happy in the job. “So what happened was it just kind of, like, pushed the standard of excellence through the roof,” said the company owner, Annabelle Roberts (this segment is toward the end).

You can update your branding or website to be more contemporary. Are you reaching the right customers? Why not?

If you need business/coaching help, here are some cost-effective resources worth looking at:


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