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About Legal Direction®

Running a small business has never been more complex.  The liabilities from potential economic loss and governmental penalties are great. Even the mom- and-pop shop on the corner is responsible for data security and protection, how to handle part-time employees’ use of social media and keeping up with ever-increasing governmental regulation.  


This rapidly changing legal and economic environment demands that owners and executives proactively identify their risks and legal needs at every stage of the business lifecycle and plan accordingly.  Too often, business owners leave themselves vulnerable because they are more afraid of how much the lawyer will cost. 




Legal Direction connects entrepreneurs and small businesses with lawyers knowledgeable in both the legal issues surrounding small business and the practical applications of managing them. We are as nimble as you are, and efficient as we can be.  We believe your business needs a relationship with an attorney to prevent missteps, not to fix them after the fact.




We work with start-up and established privately held small businesses in North Carolina, including manufacturing, professionals (accountants, physicians, mental health providers dentists, chiropractors), retail, restaurants, consultants, and trades (plumbers, electricians, contractors, home inspectors and contractors)..



At Legal Direction, our attorney-client relationship begins by working together to identify and prioritize your legal needs.  Whenever possible, we establish flat fee billing arrangement.  We understand small businesses need predictable and controlled legal fees and we want you to feel comfortable calling your attorney before something becomes a significant problem. 


It is important that business owners in our community have peace of mind that they are on the right track.  We can review your company’s legal risks to make sure you did it right on your own or that your contract adequately protects you. 


Contact Donna today to give you peace of mind.


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