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In Short, End 2019 with Kindness

Year-end is compressed this year, making us even more stressed as we juggle year-end business tasks with preparing for the holidays. The days are short and time feels shorter too.

Before you snap at the barista for not getting your order fast enough, think about how hard it must be to stand on your feet all day. Could you deal with customers like you all day for minimum wage?

Before you make a nasty remark to the older gentleman in front of you fumbling with coins at the register, remember he is doing the best he can. He may have lost dexterity. Maybe he is getting fuzzy about which coin is which, or maybe he is lonely and is taking the opportunity to chat for a few minutes at the checkout line.

Before you mock, belittle or berate connections with different opinions on social media, think about whether you will change anyone’s mind or simply make yourself look foolish (and is this social media account linked to your business?). Is inflammatory language the best way to make your point?

Before you complain about the weather, your boss, the traffic, the radio drive-time playlist, etc., think about how complaining may permanently rewire your brain to be more negative.

Try something new today.

Compliment someone’s holiday sweater or tie. Smile at the mom with the screaming toddler in the checkout line. Be patient with the assistant who accidentally hung up on you. Take your neighbor’s empty trash can up from the street.

Try kindness.

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