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Closed for Vacation

​This week, I am building sandcastles and dragging my ​kids to as many historical sites as they will permit. In short, I am on vacation.

I am also stepping back from my own small business and from assisting you in building yours.

Hard as it is for any entrepreneur to step back, it is also essential.

Brains need downtime to function at their highest level. Most of us push, push, push to succeed and forget about the need for rejuvenation. Regular vacations reduce stress and stress-related health problems like heart disease and high blood pressure.

Vacations allow your brain to step back from the day-to-day grind to see the big picture: strategy, goals, creativity. You will come back refocused, re-energized and with a new perspective (I understand, because I am historically bad at letting go).

As a leader, you will set the tone for your employees. Employees take their cues from the boss. What kind of a corporate culture do you want? I want my workers to be smart, independent, empowered and able to care for themselves. If I model good self-care, I also get the benefit of seeing them step-up and thrive in my absence.

See you next week!

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