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Does Your Technology Make Your Customers Crazy?

Have you ever walked into a public restroom and just stood there wondering if the automatic lights were coming on or if you should be searching for the light switch? And the same for the flush, the soap, the water and the paper towels. Life is sometimes complicated where it shouldn’t be. You almost have to be an engineer to use a bathroom!

Is this how your technology feels to your customers? That what should make their life easier is making it more difficult?

  • Is your phone number on every page of your website?

  • Who answers the “Contact Us” email from your webpage?

  • How easy is it to ask a question while placing an online order?

  • Do you have customer management software (a CRM) that you don’t update – so it sends out inaccurate or inappropriate messages?

  • When booking services, how easy is it for the customer to see all the manicurists/hair stylists/HVAC servicers/mechanics, etc. available at the time they want an appointment? Or do they need to search for each worker individually on the requested date?

  • Does your phone system state whether the customer should spell the first name or last name of the employee they are trying to reach?

  • How many letters of a name must your customer type in the directory to be connected to someone in your company?

Your technology should make it easier for your customers to reach you. It should not frustrate them or make them wonder if they got through to you.

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