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Try Kindness

The end of the year is filled with reflection. We are reading about what our business friends learned, their top products, their top posts, their accomplishments and their goals.

I am reflecting on kindness and empathy.

In a world driven increasingly by data, analytics, efficiency and low-cost, the human touch often goes missing.

Before you snap at the cashier at the fast-food restaurant for not getting your change and coffee fast enough, think about how hard it must be to stand on your feet all day and deal pleasantly with customers for $7.15 an hour.

Before you say something snarky or critical for laughs, remember you are not a character in a sit-com.

Before you share that social media rant that puts down or insults people with different opinions, think about whether reading what you are posting from a friend with a different outlook would change your mind. We can discuss and disagree without inflammatory language.

Before you complain about the weather, the boss, the traffic, the radio drive time play list, etc., think about how complaining may permanently rewire your brain to be more negative.

Try something new today.

Try kindness.

Give someone an unexpected compliment. Smile at the mom with the screaming toddler in the checkout line. Be patient with the receptionist who transferred you to the wrong extension.


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