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What Intelligent Small Business Owners Can Do Now for a Successful 2022: Part 2


  • Now that you have a handle on the data, you can look for the story it tells. What worked, what didn’t? What cost more than expected? What led to greater success?

  • Adjust the budget for next year based on the lessons learned this year.

  • Can you outsource routine tasks to a virtual assistant or bookkeeper? What about content creation? A payroll company (I highly recommend these)?

  • Do your logo or website or printed materials need updating?

  • Do you have surplus funds to reinvest in the business? Where would that best be spent (e.g. computer upgrades, new software, CSM, hiring additional people)?

  • It’s time for a sprint to the end of the year. While many entrepreneurs are slowing down, this is the time to push to meet, or exceed, your financial goals.

  • And speaking of financial goals, how much do you want to make next year? How are you going to get there? If you need a business coach, why not start now?


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