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My Blessings

I remain impressed by the determination, resourcefulness and innovation of my clients. I love helping them bring their ideas to fruition. Thank you to everyone who called on me to help you or referred someone my way.

Our community is full of resources for entrepreneurs and business owners, including SBTDC, SCORE, the Women’s Business Institute and the community college business centers.

Other business owners have started mentoring groups and mastermind groups to give a hand up to others in our community. It is heartwarming to see the community that raises all boats.

Although I am the face of Legal Direction, I could not do it without the team. Thank you to Bob, Gaynor, Jasmine, Brian and Dawn for all the behind the scenes work that makes this company run smoothly.

Finally, thank you to my kids, who tolerate the days before closings when I am a crazy person, who have become experts on trademark law (ask me about Dove soap and Dove chocolate) and who root for me when things are unpredictable, stressful, and being held together by spit and chewing gum.

For all of you, I wish you a peaceful Thanksgiving.


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