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Is Your Patriotism Full of Sound and Fury (and Meaning Nothing)?

Most of us spent July 4th draped in flags and fireworks. But when was the last time you truly participated in our democracy?

Who is your city council member? State representative? State senator?

Are you registered to vote? Do you vote in local elections or primaries?

What issues are facing your community? In my neighborhood, they just announced an elementary school will be built at the end of the street. We are concerned about routine traffic during drop-off and pickup. What local issues are impacting your day-to-day (property taxes, gentrification, policing, trash pickup, quality of water)?

Do you whine about jury duty and ask your friends how to get out of it successfully? As an attorney, this one particularly galls me. Jury trials are the bedrock of American democracy. They are so important, that the right to a jury trial (by one’s peers) is in the Constitution. Serving on a jury is one of the most direct ways for a citizen to participate in our government. Juries protect from tyranny and help provide a strong judicial branch of government that is equal to the other two branches.

Now that the fireworks have faded away, see how you can practice your patriotism year-round.


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