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Don’t Be Scared of Your Lawyer!

Many things can keep a small business owner awake and shaking all night long, but your attorney should ease the fears, not create them!

Some business owners and entrepreneurs are afraid of lawyers. They don’t want to look stupid because they tried to do it on their own, or they are afraid of the cost.

At Legal Direction, almost every representation begins with us talking. We want to hear your business’s story. We want to hear your successes and problems and figure out how we can help. We will let you participate in the representation as much or as little as you want. Informed, questioning, and involved clients do not intimidate us. On the contrary, it makes the results stronger. No one knows your industry or market better than you.

We try to structure flat fees or give you a realistic sense of the price range. We will let you know as things change. We consider ourselves in a relationship with our clients – we are not running the meter.

Where we can help:

· Starting a new venture

· Form contracts or website policies

· Bringing an owner in or out

· Obtaining funding

· Buying or leasing real estate

· Trademark protection

· Troubleshooting general business issues

Legal Direction looks forward to working with you to protect and support your business.


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