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How is your Business Publicly Addressing this Moment in History?

This time last year, I had mapped out three months of blog posts on common legal mistakes small businesses make and the differences between stock purchases and asset purchases.

Today, we are suffering from pandemic economic losses and a reckoning of our entrenched prejudice.

What should small businesses say and do? It is a tough question, and one I struggle with.

Large corporations are making statements in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. Brands are finally shedding logos and names based in racial stereotypes. They are making donations. Hopefully they are also taking note of the racial and gender makeup of their C-suite and Boards and making sure minorities and women are paid the same and promoted fairly.

Most of my clients, and Legal Direction itself, don’t have outside boards or C-suites. We don’t have brands steeped in racial stereotypes. We have always invested and engaged in our communities. We are struggling with what to say. We feel deeply the pain in our community, and we want to help. The last thing we want is to say the wrong thing, to be condescending, naïve or tone deaf.

How is your business publicly addressing this moment in history?

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