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What do Entrepreneurs do on Snow Days?

Many of us in North Carolina are home waiting for inches of snow to melt. I’m in cozy clothes, with a cup of tea beside the fireplace watching it snow. Like many of you, I’m also working.

Here are some ways to improve your business when your regular routine is interrupted:

1. Get ahead on blogging and other writing projects.

2. Check out new technologies that can make you more productive from anywhere. We’re holding video conferences today instead of face-to-face meetings.

3. Organize your expenses/receipts so you’re prepared for taxes.

4. Clean off all the piles on your desk: file, scan, shred, mail, etc.

5. Jot some personal notes to your clients and referral sources ('tis the Season for snail mail appreciation).

6. Do the same for your employees. Make them feel valued, even if you don’t give year-end bonuses.

7. Review your goals and your budget. Are you on track? Start thinking about next year.

8. Build a snowman. After all, you’re the boss!

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