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Practical tips for young graduates

It is May. Eager young graduates are entering the “real world.” Here are some practical tips from those of us who have been around the block a few times.

"Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good."

Tim Hinton, First Citizens Bank.

"Don't assume an office with a window is waiting for you. Put in the time to learn from those around you. Say thank you a lot. Be proud of the work that to you do, it is your example of who you are and what you can do."

Chris Cardozo, disaster preparedness and response.

"Luck = when preparation meets opportunity."

Jill Marie Fuller, owner, Window Genie of Durham and Chapel Hill.

"Don't burn bridges, clean up your Instagram and Facebook if you're seeking employment. Find a mentor, share your struggles. Thank you notes (snail mail) goes a long way. Find something you are passionate about career wise. Be persistent, but respectful, you never know what doors that can open."

Carlos Nieto, Hartland Payment Systems.

"Never stop learning. Identify what micro credentials and certifications are most sought after in your industry. Plan how you will improve yourself - continuously, but purposefully and incrementally!"

Fred Hathaway, Pivot Smart.

"Figure out what others need and how you can help them. Make it a goal to have everyone you know owe you one favor."

Mary Cantando, The Woman’s Advantage.

"1. Read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. 2. Realize that beyond having the maturity and strength to stand up for yourself by expressing your contrary opinion (to bosses, or lovers, or siblings for example) there is a greater wisdom in biting your tongue if speaking your mind will prevent you from reaching the goal behind your opinion. 3. Sex, blank, and blank...pick 3 things you think are blessings to human kind and articulate it for yourself once in a while."

Diane Baren, Sadies Place for Veteran Arts.

"Don't move in with your parents. Get any job or maybe two and get an apartment with a roommate or two. Send out resumes like crazy and when you interview you will be heads and tails above the ones that moved home!"

David Crump, EBCC, Inc.

"People believe what they see, so dress like you matter. Make it easy to see you are paying attention and considerate of those who look at you all day. Details matter."

Sheon Ladson Wilson, personal stylist, wardrobe consultant, writer and editor.

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