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Privacy Policy: Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

A privacy policy is a legal statement explaining how your business collects, handles, processes, and respects the personal data collected from your customers on your website or app. You need one if you collect user data on your digital marketing platforms.

Privacy laws are a mish-mash of federal and state regulations. Many of your connected website apps will require you to have a privacy policy, even if no specific law requires you to have one. Here are some regulations that can help you figure out what may apply to your business:

Many states also have specific privacy laws. California's law, called the California Online Privacy Protection Act , is the most comprehensive and strict nationwide, so most companies use it for guidance when structuring their privacy policies. If your customers could come from all over the country, you should include California provisions in your terms and conditions.

If you have global customers or website visitors make sure you're meeting all the necessary legal requirements.

The two most important aspects of the privacy policy are (1) draft one if you collect so much as a name and email from your customers and (2) follow your own policy. Beyond that, make sure you have data security measures in place. Look into cyberliability insurance.


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