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How to Reinstate an Administratively Dissolved NC Company

The North Carolina Secretary of State has recently “cleaned house” and administratively dissolved companies that have not filed their annual reports. 

If you were administratively dissolved for failure to file your annual reports, and you want to reinstate, here is how:

this cannot be done online. You will need to get the Articles of Reinstatement for a corporation or an LLC. On the forms page, drop down to "Business Corporation" to find document B-03 to reinstate a corporation. Drop down to Limited Liability Companies for form L-08 to reinstate an LLC.

You will also need to submit all your missing annual reports.

Mail the required payment and forms to NC Secretary of State.

An instructional video, “How to Reinstate a Company Following Administrative Dissolution,” is available at

Once you reinstate, any actions your company took during the lapse will be valid. 


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