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I Don’t Know

Early in my legal career, a client called in during lunchtime and got me. I listened to him describe why he was calling.

“That’s really a business issue as much as a legal issue,” I told him, “and I haven’t been practicing long enough to advise you. I’ll let the partner know and we’ll get back to you this afternoon.”

The client was happy I understood his issue and we would advise him accordingly.

The partner was outraged that I told a client I didn’t know the answer.

I went from feeling terrific about one of my first client interactions to devastated that the law firm disapproved. And in my gut, I knew I was right.

Since then, I freely admit I don’t know. I don’t bluff my way through, hoping no-one will notice or embarrass me. I am honest and authentic, and will burn the midnight oil to find the right answer.

And that approach never fails to satisfy my clients.

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