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Managing Expectations

It is a challenging time to own a North Carolina small business. Much of the state is rural with few Coronavirus cases, yet everything is shut down. Business owners, employees and customers are scared and anxious. Things are beginning to open up, and that only increases the anxieties for all involved.

Businesses, however, can control how they manage employee and customer expectations. Reopening is as much a public relations issue as a legal issue.

Figure out what your policies going forward are going to be. You can do the bare minimum required for your type of business, or you can do more. Let people know ahead of time what to expect:

  • Are you limiting the number of people in your shop?

  • Are your hours different?

  • Do you have special times for high-risk customers?

  • Are you taking appointments or reservations only?

  • Are you able to do video calls with customers and show them the in-stock merchandise?

  • Do your employees take their temperature before they leave work every day, and do they stay home if they have a fever or a cough?

  • What is your cleaning regime?

  • What else are you doing to keep people safe and comfortable in your business establishment?

Communication is key. Tell everyone what to expect so there are no surprises as customers return. This is a good time for signs and advertising.

Let me know how things are going.

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