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The Power of No, Part 2

Knowing what is good for your business and being able to turn down bad opportunities is a powerful business tool. So is asking for what you want.

I recently negotiated a commercial lease that was particularly unfavorable to my client. The required hours of operation were not compatible with my client’s business. The client was responsible for 100% of HVAC repairs and replacement. The personal guaranty was for the entire term of the lease and renewals.

My client was discouraged. All of these were deal-breakers to her.

We had nothing to lose by asking for what we wanted. Before we ask for modifications, the answer is already “No.” The situation could only get better.

We did ask, and ended up with 9-5 hours of operation, a $1500 per year cap on HVAC costs, and the personal guaranty for the first term of the lease only.

Push yourself a little out of your comfort zone. Speak up and ask for what you want. If you don’t ask, you are already at NO! You have nothing to lose.

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