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Where Nobody Knew My Name

Once again, I was irritated at my local pizza joint. We eat there often enough that they once asked if my kids eat anything besides pizza! And yet, every time I place an order, the same cashier asks me a name for the order.

The food is great. The pricing is fair. It is nearby. Why does it bother me so much that the cashier doesn’t recognize me? It feels silly to be this bothered, and yet it gets under my skin every time.

Bad customer service can severely impact your bottom line.

Remember, more customers tell their friends about a bad experience than a good one. It is easier and cheaper to keep loyal customers than to have to attract new ones. Poor customer service makes people less likely to forgive a minor mistake and more likely to be price-sensitive.

Keeping your employees happy and motivated generally results in better experiences for your customers. Employees are the first experience with your business and its culture. If they are happy, and well-trained, they will take better care of your customers.

What can you do to ensure that happens?

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