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Simple Trick to Protect Company Data From Hacking

Folks had difficulty accessing many websites last week. It turns out, there was a massive “DDoS” cyber attack that brought down such sites as Vox, Twitter, Spotify, Amazon, PayPal and Reddit. A large part of the attack was the “internet of things”, or “smart” products such as TVs, DVRs, routers, printers, computers, security cameras and similar items that are connected to the internet. The security on these items was so weak, that hackers took over the devices to aid in the cyber attack. My tip to protect your company confidential information: when you get devices, always change the default name (eg, your wireless router should not be called Belkin or Netgear) and always change the default password. Hackers tend to know the default passwords that get assigned by the manufacturer. If they compromise your system at the router level, it doesn’t matter how much security you have thereafter. For additional cyber security information, click here.

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