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Can You Grow Your Business By Hiring Some Help?

Is it time you hired some help?

Are you a small business owner trying to do it all? Have you given any consideration to how many hours per week you spend working on necessary tasks that do not generate revenue?

Think about it. That session of data you just entered into QuickBooks, could have been time spent in front of prospective clients. In other words the data entry may have just cost you $1,000+.

To help illustrate: Over the course of a week or maybe a month use this task list to track and determine which tasks you can hire out. (You may find that you need more than one type of assistant.) Think outside of just your “working” hours. Don’t skip this part, it’s important to see how your hours are spent.

  • Data entry (QuickBooks, CRM, business cards data, etc.)

  • Client communications (post meeting thank you, touch-points, etc.)

  • eNewsletter content (including research)

  • Cloud filing (organization)

  • Scheduling (calendar appointments, rescheduling, staying on task)

  • Estimates (projects, vendors)

  • Invoicing and collections

  • Social media engagement

  • Cleaning the house

  • Grocery shopping

Still not convinced?

Call to mind your billing rate. Say you bill at $150 dollars per hour and the tasks listed above readily consume 20 hours or more of your week. That’s $3,000 minus $800 (~outsourced payment) = $2,200 in revenue.

(If you don’t manually want to track your time, there are various apps that you can use: timedoctor, toggle, focusboosterapp to name a few.)

Determine The Type of Assistant Needed:

  • Personal Assistant - someone who can do your errands, meal prep, walk the dog.

  • Cleaning Service - someone to come in every week or every other week to clean the house. (Some of these services will wash/change bedding, clean windows, wash and iron - it’s up to you to decide which services you wish to outsource.)

  • Virtual Administrative Assistant - someone to oversee the “back-office” tasks.

  • Digital Assistant - someone to oversee your social media (if the virtual assistant does not offer this service)

Determine the Type of Relationship: Decide if you want someone you can have face-time with when needed. This will determine if you want to keep your search to the local area or go global. While a “global” assistant may be less costly, they likely will not take a personal interest in the success of your business and may not share your same security, privacy and discretion ethics.

Next, determine if you want an assistant who just does what you tell them to do or if you want a richer working relationship with someone who will ask questions and recommend processes that will benefit and help grow your business, perhaps even someone who can become a behind-the-scenes extension of you...someone who does share your security, privacy and discretion ethics.

Convinced it’s Time?

Document: As you’re doing the tasks that you’ve decided to delegate, start to compile specific instructions in writing or via video. You may even want to create a job description document. No matter who you hire, they will not come to you as a mind-reader. And yes, you’re going to have to spend some time relating your personal preferences and processes, particularly if you’re hiring a virtual or digital assistant. They need to learn your processes, your writing voice, and even some of your quirks.

Where to Find Your Assistant:

  • Internet search (LinkedIn, Google, Fiver, ODesk)

  • Friend recommendation

  • Business owner recommendation

Interview: I’d recommend talking with at least 3 people, sometimes going with the cheapest is not going to best serve your needs. Get a feel for their personality and work ethic; make sure she/he fits well with your personality and work ethic. Get a feel for their ability to prioritize and provide customer service. Keep in mind, most virtual and digital assistants have a client base and that your requests may not always be at the top of the list.

If you’re comfortable with the phone or face-to-face conversation, ask for a proposal that details their understanding of the scope of work, rate, and what other services are included.

Taking the Leap:

Yes, it can be scary to take that leap of faith and delegate. But, you’ll quickly realize the benefits:

  • your revenue increases because now you have time to spend on revenue generating tasks

  • you’ll have more time to relax and have fun

  • you’ll have more time to spend with family and friends

  • most importantly…you’ll be less stressed

For more information, contact Audrey

Audrey Janshego

Higher Profit Solutions, LLC


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